Fotoshoting HVAR 2011

Na jeseň sme uskutočnili fotoshoting v Chorvátsku na ostrove HVAR v spolupráci so salonom





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    Hi sweet Sailing,You really make me smile in a good way. Freedom is all in the mind. That is a place, which nbdooy can interfere. Whatever they take from you, in which kind of bad situation you are or what you will lose, if your mind works properly, that is really of your own and nbdooy else.To be young and having the experience of an older person, well that should be an ideal wish for everybody. Certainly my wish. What is the most difficult thing in life? To live as simple as possible. The older you get, the more your mind is occupied with unnecessary worries. Even I know, that this can be a daily burden. The body is getter weaker and will not be as flexible anymore.But your mind can be always young. Pain in your brain, that is the worst thing, what a human can experience. To lose your reality.What ever your dreams are, it is always nice that you have them. It doesn’t matter how reality can be. The less you think, the more you are happy. LIfe isn’t always bad or always good, it is most of the time somewhere in the middle. But the moment is what you experience.A good meditation is a state of the mind, which has no thoughts. Free of worries. To talk about envy, we have a Dutch saying: what you get from far away, it is always nicer/better It is all in the mind.

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